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Top Auctioning Games

July 12, 2021 Nick Murray Season 1 Episode 30
Bitewing Games Podcast
Top Auctioning Games
Show Notes

In celebration of our own auctioning games launching on Kickstarter next month that are designed by the master Auctioneer himself, Reiner Knizia, Nick thought it fitting to explore the many games which have fostered his love for this genre.  The notable titles in this episode are huge reasons why we love auctioning game Hot Lead and quasi-auctioning game Pumafiosi enough to publish them ourselves.

Rather than rank these bidding games in order from Nick's most to least favorite, he decided it would be more fun to award his favorites by category and type.  Hopefully these categories help you to find a new great game that would fit in perfectly with your collection…

1:34 - Meanest Auctioning Game
2:45 - Best Large-Group Auctioning Game
3:25 - Best Small-Group Auctioning Game
4:06 - Best Game with just a hint of Auctioning
5:09 - Best Looking Auctioning Game
5:55 - Best All-Around Auctioning Game
6:38 - Most Unique Auctioning Game
8:38 - Best New(ish) Auctioning Game
9:14 - Best Auctioning Game I Haven't Played (Yet)
9:55 - Most Regret-Filled Auctions
10:40 - Best Auctioning Game of Chicken
11:43 - Best Shared Incentive Auctioning Game
12:29 - Best Overall Auctioning Game
13:09 - Two New Auctioning Games Coming Fresh out of the Oven