Bitewing Games Podcast

Finding Games and Gamers to Game With

April 11, 2021 Nick Murray Season 1 Episode 17
Bitewing Games Podcast
Finding Games and Gamers to Game With
Show Notes

In this podcast exclusive episode, Nick and Kyle are joined by a fellow dentist and gamer, Jacob Gowans, as they discuss the in’s and out’s of collections and gaming groups. 

Whether you are looking to add to your collection, cull your collection, make new gaming friends, or convert your friends into gamers, we’ve got you covered! At the end, we also share some recent and upcoming games we are currently excited about. And if you listen closely, you might even sneak away with some free dental advice. Cavities beware!

1:04 - Meet our guest, Jacob Gowans
4:33 - Growing a collection, finding your favorite new games
10:19 - Culling a collection
19:26 - Finding gamers to game with
26:24 - Growing the hobby by bringing in newcomers
38:30 - Games we've been playing recently
  39:00 - The Search for Planet X
  43:23 - Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game
  46:00 - Anachrony
  47:20 - Why no definitive Harry Potter game?
  49:31 - Oros
52:25 - Games we've been backing recently
  53:55 - Bear Raid, Factory Funner, Ghosts of Christmas; John Company: Second Edition
  55:13 - Cryptid Cafe
  56:33 - Don't Get Got (Shut Up & Sit Down Edition), Radlands, The Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Stellaris: Infinite Legacy
1:00:44 - Juicy nuggets of dental wisdom that nobody asked for